When you join BCEC, you join a network of Indiana University students dedicated to learning more about the entertainment industry and to getting hands-on experience. In addition to the connections you create within the club, you will gain access to our alumni, faculty, and industry sponsors, as well as to our career and internship information.

To become a member of BCEC, you must be an undergraduate student enrolled at the Indiana University Bloomington campus and be enthusiastic about finding a career in the business end of the entertainment industry. We welcome all undergraduates, regardless of their major.

Each member of BCEC belongs to at least one club committee. We have four committees: Film & TV, Music, PR & Marketing, and Sports. To be considered an active member –and thus, to receive member benefits– you must attend at least 50% of one of your committee’s meetings and pay $20 per year for membership dues. As a prospective member, you may attend one of each of the committee’s meetings before applying for membership and submitting your dues. For meeting times, refer to our committee pages.


Click here to pay memebership dues. Dues are $20 per semester. Please email the Director of Finance, Daniel Ramierz after you’ve paid your dues with your name and committee.


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